PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #46 – 19th June 2013

Issue #46 – 19th June 2013

News and Latest Developments

Why the new PeopleSoft applications are big news 

A video interview with John Webb (VP PeopleSoft Product Strategy) who talks about the new In-Memory applications on the Exa-platforms, use cases for the 9.2 Applications, usability labs leading to a reduction in training needs and the enthusiasm in the user community for 9.2.

PeopleSoft Statement of Direction

The PeopleSoft Statement of Direction has been updated. It’s an interesting read to see what is planned for upcoming releases and Feature Packs. The integration with LinkedIn sounds particularly interesting, however there are sections for the other applications too. (Support login required.)


HCM 9.2 Time and Labor WorkCenter

Succeeder Dave spotted this post on the Hexaware blog about the functionality in the T&L Workcenter that’s new in HCM 9.2.

Enhanced Supplier and Employee Self-Service in SRM

The next in the ‘10 Innovations in PeopleSoft 9.2’ series, this time focusing on Supplier Relationship Management and the new Self Service functionality.


XML Publisher – Clean Up 

There’s a new post on the PeopleSoft Blog showing a straightforward way to tidy up after BI Publisher. It’s a delivered process that hunts for orphaned objects and removes them.

PeopleSoft RESTListeningConnector Not So “RESTful”

Chris Malek from the Cedar Hills Group blogs about his first impressions looking at the REST capability in PeopleSoft.

Roger Martin on the Mundo PeopleSoft blog shows an alternative to the attachment code for executing files on the application server.


The future with Google Glass, Leap Motion and the Pebble Watch 

A thought provoking piece from Tommy Walker of Smashing Magazine about how we’ll interact with computers in the future using technologies similar to the three mentioned above. It’s amazing how much that scene from Minority Report – which was released 11 years ago – is still impacting UI designers’ thoughts for the future.

Eric Kimberling on the IT Toolbox blog talks about the longevity of ERP. Of particular note is his description of a pendulum which swings back and forth between large ERP vendors and niche providers.

Rebecca Vilsack (IT director, University of Central Florida and member of the Quest International Users Group board of directors) talks about making the most of new functionality when upgrading, not just completing the upgrade and stopping. (Scroll down to read the full article.)
Grey Heller’s Larry Grey has posted a YouTube video showing how you can prevent your system being hacked – the video focuses on Campus Solutions, but this could apply to any application – using their ERP Firewall product.

And Finally…

How I became a Password Cracker

An intriguing entry on the arstechnica blog showing how easy it is to crack passwords – it took the author less than 24 hours to become competent. Key takeaways from this are that password security is better in PeopleTools 8.53 (now passwords are salted as well as hashed), and if your password is 6 characters or less, with an additional one or two numbers on the end it’ll be very easy to crack.

The Jeff Gordon Test-drive Prank

Pepsi disguised pro racing driver Jeff Gordon and sent him to a car dealership to take a Camaro for a test drive. The poor car salesman lets Jeff behind the wheel but has no idea what Jeff is going to do. (Warning, contains some profanity.)

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