PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #9 – 29th August 2012

Issue #9 – 29th August 2012

Welcome to a ‘double issue’ of newsletter due to last week’s holidays!

News and Latest Developments

Gartner on when to adopt Fusion

Gartner have produced a report covering the ‘when to move to Fusion’ issue. Their recommendation is that only early adopters move over now, and you definitely shouldn’t put off upgrading PeopleSoft just because you might go to Fusion in the future.

IBM buys Kenexa, enters HCM cloud market

IBM has paid $1.3bn for Kenexa, a rival to SuccessFactors (recently bought by SAP) and Taleo (recently bought by Oracle). This is IBM’s first foray into enterprise applications and puts them head-to-head with Oracle in a market they haven’t previously competed in.

Oracle Open World 2012

Succeed are speaking at OOW 2012

Succeed will be sending people to OOW again this year, and this time we’re presenting too. Click the above link for our joint session with Oracle on ‘Delivering a Groundbreaking UI with PeopleTools’. Other notable UK/PeopleSoft speakers are Graham Smith (Oxfam, ACE Director and UKOUG Tech Chairman) on A Guide to Properly Enhancing PeopleSoft and David Kurtz (Oracle ACE, DB guru) onPerformance Tuning for PeopleSoft Admins.


The Problem With Performance Reviews

Is the performance review model broken? Is there a better way? Also, in the comments of the article is a link to Wooboard. Would anyone like to see something like this inPeopleSoft?

HR Decibel Soundcasts

HRoi Consulting have started experimenting with Podcasts as a mechanism for sharing their PeopleSoft HCM knowledge. They’ve posted on Time & Attendance and Absence Management so far. This isn’t the first time they’ve tried something new as they’ve also produced a series of ERP Movies.


Strengths And Weaknesses Of PeopleTools

Chris Malek gives a rundown of hits and misses of working in PeopleTools versus other programming languages and frameworks.

Formatting Pagelet Output

Iouri Chadour has posted 4 or 5 entries on his Working Scripts blog recently concerning Portal pagelets, jQuery and iScripts. They’re well worth a look.

PeopleTools 8.52.10 patch released

The latest patch for PeopleTools 8.52 has been released. This is the first one that hasn’t been published (as far as we can see) to the FTP site. You have to locate it in Oracle Support.


Does Multi-tenancy matter?

PeopleSoft is single-tenant. Workday is multi-tenant. Fusion could be either. Which is preferable, or does it even matter?

Is Android Winning?

Gartner (who know a thing or two about the industry) have reported that Android is out-selling iPhone by 3-to-1. Number of phones sold doesn’t necessarily mean Android is more profitable however. Interestingly, GreyHeller suspect iPhone will triumph in the Enterprise.

What the Apple vs Samsung result means for you

Some great analysis of Apple’s patent victory here. The summary seems to be that prices will rise, innovation will drop, and Samsung got a bargain (becoming the #2 mobile vendor for just $1bn). Apple won’t hit Samsung too hard for licensing though, as Samsung supply the chips for the iPad and iPhone.

Salesforce, the party dampener

Dennis Howlett questions whether is in as good a postion as many believe it to be.

And Finally…

Nina Vs. Siri: Where Nuance Beats Apple

Nina is a new virtual assistant released for both iPhone and Android

that is aimed more at the business market. It also allows you to develop new integrations using an open SDK and a handy set of APIs. Unlike Siri, Nina recognises not just what is being said, but also who has said it. This means that your voice can be used to authenticate you. There are demos of Nina in action here.

28 ideas for an awesome office

A lot of this will depend upon how open minded a workplace environment you have, but there are some fun ways to liven your office and give it a little of the ‘start-up feel’.


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